hello world :XD

hi my name is zipt DAT of OfflineList is made.

im making OfflineList of Wii now, XBOX, and PS3.

a Japanese version had been made up to now

but Mr.PsyKos update stops, it tries to make DAT of shape that I succeed newly

this DAT for the world

the scene release version for the world

original DAT to a Japanese version

im looking for the list of CRC32 necessary for OfflineList

its a hard work to look for one by one. :XD

the list of the name etc. was made now, remainder is only a screen shot and CRC32,

i want to release OfflineList of Wii, XBOX, and PS3

this is a screen shot while making it

data is made and XML is made the sent and there for the data base,

its a mechanism like DAT-o-MATIC when saying by a comprehensible example.

Thank you for reading to the last minute,

sorry im not good at english


Posted by zipt